Welcome! I’m Brit, the babe behind the blog.

I am super passionate about traveling the world, and opening the doors to all that plant medicine has to offer. I have also been working full time as a hair stylist, for 10 years now. My life currently consists of trying to find a healthy balance for everything my heart desires. If you also:

  • Are constantly daydreaming of your next adventure.
  • Love exploring new places.
  • Are curious about alternative healing.
  • Have sat in a plant ceremony, or are preparing too.
  • And maybe love a good recipe

Then this is the place for you, and I think we’ll be good friends. This life is too short to keep all the magical experiences I’ve had to myself. There’s one catch, I’m not going to hold back, so we’re going to jump right in, and that means going deep. Starting now..

I’ve been all in on this path of self discovery about four years now. It all started with not wanting to be a slave to prescription medication any longer. I am now a big believer in plant medicine, and I do think it saved my life.

My other big passion in life is traveling, which I feel is also quite healing. Getting off the plane and knowing I am going to wander somewhere new for a while, paints the biggest smile on my heart. I have been to 10 countries in Europe, 3 countries in Central America, a few islands in the Caribbean, Brazil, Peru, Canada, and all over the United States. That list will continue to grow, as long I am on this planet.

My specialties include never checking a bag, and meeting strangers and turning them into friends. I can pride myself on saying, I’ve packed a backpack to explore Europe for 21 days, and never wore the same outfit twice. I’ve traveled many times with others, but have found I enjoy my time solo or with my partner. I’ve created these travel guides not only to share my experiences, but to inspire you to get out there and do the same. Also to help you plan your next trip, with a little more ease.

I decided to write this blog after many years of contemplating how I wanted to share my love for traveling the world, my healing journey, and my personal self publicly. Thank you so much for being here.