Amazon must haves

It’s the site we all love to hate. It’s the most convient way to order something, and have it on your doorstep the next day. I find myself using Amazon most the week before a trip. All the things I forgot to grab, with no time to get to the store. However, I’ve also made some purchases for the home that can’t be beat. Make sure to scroll through to the bottom so you don’t miss a steal.

I’ve created this list of my current favorite Amazon purchases, so you can love them too!

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning that if you click through & make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Gym tops:

One item we are all forever trying to find the perfect fit, and we really can’t have enough of.

This tank in particular is my favorite because the material is thick, durable, it has a built in bra, and they wear well. I have quite a few colors, in the two styles linked below. It’s my go-to top for the gym, hiking, yoga, or traveling. They run small, I wear a large in both styles. Try one for yourself!

Racerback style

Spagetti strap style

This next tank top is a new addition, that I purchased just a few days before our most recent trip. I was pleasantly surprised. It can be worn two ways, it’s a light, ribbed material, that could be used for a hike, workout, or dressed up for a casual outing. No pads in this one! I ordered a medium.

Two way tank

Hiking gear:

I’ve learned the hard way, by buying the cheap stuff, then having to reinvest in quality gear. Learn from my mistakes, and save your money. Here are my top two hiking must haves from Amazon.

Boots- Keeping your feet stable, and comfortable when out in nature is key. I have tried many boots in the past and these are my go-to every time. Lightweight, waterproof, great tread, and cute! 100000% worth the investment. Fits true to size.

Must have hiking boots

Backpack- Another item I swear by for day hikes, and traveling. This particular pack is lightweight, durable, has a waterpack, and many pockets to keep you organized on the go. It’s also under 50 bucks, and they have a bunch of cute colors!

Buy this backpack!

If you are grabbing gear for a winter adventure, be sure to check out my Cold Weather Gear List blog post, here! I’ve included links for the layers I wear hiking in -10 degree weather, the heavy duty crampons we use, and more!

Everyday bag:

Once you’ve found your perfect daily purse to carry, you’re set for life… of course until styles change. However this fanny pack will *hopefully* never go out of style, so I can wear it forever.

I love that its leather, has so many pockets, and can be worn many different ways. It’s also concert/stadium appropriate sized!

I need it!

Beach please:

Yeahhh there’s a million cover ups, and dresses out there. But we all have our favorites that tend to make it on every trip. Here’s my top three beach coverups.

Black with tassels

Beige crochet coverup

Flowy orange dress

In the kitchen:

While Amazon has become everyones go to for quick, affordable fashion, it’s also pretty handy for things around the house. Our kitchen in particular has quite a few Amazon finds that I look at every single day, and love!

Glass canisters- A cute way to create extra storage, on your countertops.

Ceramic utensil holder- White, textured, heavy duty. Perfect for the wooden spoons you hardly use, but love to look at.

Wooden spoons- Maybe you use these more than I do, but I just like the flare they add to this corner of our kitchen. (we have used them a few times, and they’re great!)

Glass olive oil dispenser- I felt like a real adult, when I stopped grabbing the oil from the cabinet in it’s store bought bottle, and started using this glass dispenser.

Tupperware- We tossed most of our old meal prep containers, for these. It’s so satisfying to have all matching Tupperware. This set is durable, BPA free, doesn’t stain, and they are air tight. We use all of the various sizes of this 32 piece set, almost everyday.

Subscribe and save:

For those items we need daily, but forget to order till it’s too late. I personally love subscribe and save for my protein and pre-workout.

Protein- Plant based, mixes well, good for smoothies. I get it shipped every 4 weeks.

Pre-workout- Sugar free, great flavors, no come down, gets me amped for the gym.


An amazon hack I share with everyone I know that loves to read. If you own a kindle, you get a free book every month, with First Reads. There are 6-7 books to choose from, that are not yet released. Pick one, and it’s yours forever.

How to find them: If you open up the store on your kindle, and scroll down to the bottom, it’ll say First Reads. Pick one, download it for free, and enjoy!

There is also a whole library of books you can read for free with Prime, simply go to Prime reading and borrow up to 10 books at a time.

Considering Amazon has millions of products to choose from, that I will continue to buy and try as needed, this list will be forever evolving. Stay up to date, by subscribing to Clouds to dirt.

Thanks for your support!