The power of putting your words on paper and releasing them from your mind, is the free therapy everyone could use these days.

Journaling is a tool that I added to my self care routine over 5 years ago, and it’s a practice that I am so grateful for. I have probably filled over 15 journals front to back, with all my deep inner thoughts, plans, dreams, complaints, goals, heartbreak, why’s, highs, and lows. It’s my safe space to freely express myself in a way no one else can see or judge. I can say in full honestly, journaling has changed my life.

The exciting thing is… it can change yours too.

After a really sweet conversation with a dear client, I decided to write this blog post so you too can see and feel the benefits that journaling can bring to your world.

It can feel overwhelming to stare at a blank sheet of paper, knowing you want to write from your heart, but have no clue where to begin. I’ve been there.

Below i’m going to share a few journaling ideas, that you can incorporate into your new daily practice, to make it feel like less of a task, and more like self care.


One of the best ways to start your days is with gratitude.

Creating a gratitude list is a practice that trains your brain to focus on the good. It helps you see what you have vs what you feel you as though you are lacking.

Your body may ache, your bank account may be low, you may not have that relationship you crave. But you can change the narrative and be grateful you have a body that functions, you have a job that provides a roof over your head, and that you know your worth, so you don’t date people that can’t give you what you deserve.

Overtime this practice will help you let go of the lack mindset, and really help you see all the beauty that exists around you.

Sure there is always going to be “bad”, but you don’t need to give that negativity your energy. This method of journaling will help unravel and rewrite the narrative in your mind.

*you may even find yourself manifesting the things you dream of, just by be grateful for the life you have*

I am grateful for a good nights rest, that gives me energy for the moments today will gift me.

I am grateful to be able to consume, bath, and use fresh clean water.

I am grateful for the healthy foods I get to fuel my body with, so I can continue to live an adventurous life.

I am grateful for a space to share my travels, recipes, and journey with the world.

I am grateful for you, sitting there reading this post and I genuinely hope it helps motivate you to journal.


This is one of my new and favorite ways to journal. You are essentially writing a manifestation list, but writing it as it is already yours.

Let’s say you are wanting to move to your dream house, have a baby, and work a job you love.

Your journal entry may look something like this…

I see myself opening the door to a house that I get to call home. I see an open floor plan that lets tons of natural light fill the room. I see rooms filled with beautiful furniture I’ve only dreamed of owning. I see my favorite painting hanging above the fireplace. I see myself enjoying morning coffee on a wrap around deck, with a view of the mountains. I see a big back yard, with tons of room for my garden. I see our kids playing in the dirt, running around barefoot. I see myself getting ready in the morning and heading to work with a smile on my face. I see that job provides me with the financial freedom I crave. I see our family enjoying dinner together at the table, with veggies from our land.

Be as specific as as you can, and know the sky is the limit. aka there is no limit, dream big baby!

You are changing the narrative from I want, meaning you are lacking, too I see, meaning you are worth it. It can and will be yours.

This paired with a meditation of you visualizing yourself living the life you dream of, can be extremely uplifting, and will help you manifest the things you never thought possible. Hence why it’s one of my favorite journaling methods.

Here is one of my go to guided meditations that pair well with this journaling technique:

Beyond Limitation Meditation

Letting go:

Let’s be real.. sometimes we find ourselves in moods where everything sucks, and that’s okay.

On these days it’s hard to be grateful for anything, and you can’t possibly try to visualize yourself living your dream, because you are stuck in this dark pit of a hole that has consumed your mind.

Journaling is probably that last thing you want to do.

Have you been there? Because I have spent many days in this dreadful state of mind.


Literally write out all the feelings you have and leave them there on the paper. Chances are whatever is consuming your headspace, isn’t worth the wrath it’s holding over you.

If what you are feeling down about is a bit heavier, maybe write it on a piece of paper and burn it. Grieve the loss. Say goodbye to the person. Walk away from the job. Cleanse your body of the impurity. Set it on fire. Watch it burn into nothing and let go.

Now, I will say one thing with this. When you are in a funk, it’s also important to hold space for those emotions. If you are sad, let yourself cry. If you are angry, let yourself get mad. This journal entry isn’t about wishing away the emotions you are feeling. It’s about not letting them consume you.

This journal entry may not fix all your problems, but it may help you get through these darker days, with a little more ease.

Free write:

Word vomit on the blank page before you like the pen is on fire.

It’s actually quite satisfying.

It doesn’t need to make sense, it doesn’t need to mean anything. It is simply taking all the clutter in your brain and putting it somewhere else.

Sometimes I turn these thoughts into a list, sometimes they just turn into a big blob on the page.

Honestly, when I do a journal entry like this.. its hardly legible and I couldn’t read it if I tried. Thats the part I love the most.

When to journal:

There is no wrong time to journal.

I personally try to start my day with a quick meditation, and journal entry. It’s a nice way to start the day on a positive note, to set goals, and put intention behind my actions.

But let me tell ya, it’s a practice. You bet sometimes I grab my phone first thing, and don’t even realize I’ve begun to enter that mindless scroll. Telling my brain that this is where it’s going to get those dopamine hits all day. I have to actively make the choice everyday to journal and meditate, instead of head straight for the gram.

It can be 5 minutes or it can be 50 minutes. Just try to give yourself time and space, to let this self care act turn into one of your favorite parts of your morning routine.

Write it out:

You don’t need to be a writer or have profound thoughts to journal. You don’t even need the fancy leather bound book with ball point pen.

You simple need a piece of paper, a pen, and an open mind.

Make the gratitude list. Visualize the life you hope to live one day. Let go of what is no longer serving you.

Let this be the start of your journaling practice. <3